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Brows & Lashes

Here at Younger Beauty, we believe that everyone deserves beautiful brows and lashes! With an extensive range of services to transform and enhance your brows and lashes we have treatments to suit everyone's taste and style. Our expert technicians can advise you on what to choose if you are unsure and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Perfect Brows

Just as the title suggests, this is the perfect treatment for those wanting to make the most of and maximise your natural brows. Before your treatment, we will arrange a consultation so that we can measure out the points of the brow that will be waxed, tinted, threaded and plucked. We will finally apply makeup to the finished brow to complete the look for your perfect brows.

Weekend Lash Extensions

These are perfect for those who have a special event or party to go and want fabulous, luscious lashes! Choose your ideal length and let our technicians do the rest! Quick to apply and lasting for a couple of days, our weekend lash extensions will get you "weekend ready."

Express Lash Extensions

Our expert technicians use individual lash extensions to create a beautiful enhanced lash look. These are perfect for clients who don't like to wear lash extensions for an extended period but love the look of lash extensions! They are perfect for holidays as they last for up to two weeks. They will need to be removed and can’t be infilled.

Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions

If you want natural looking lashes as a more permanent feature, then these are perfect for you. Individual single strand lashes are applied onto your natural hair to lengthen and thicken the natural lashes and emphasise your eyes. They will need to be infilled every two weeks to keep them looking full and natural.

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