All About The Brows

At Younger Beauty, Irby we understand that eyebrows are an extremely imperative part of ones look. Your eyebrows introduce you before you speak and highlight and frame your face. At Younger Beauty our professionals and industry best therapists can carefully and fastidiously apply semi-permanent makeup to help achieve the brow look you have always been after.

Over the years eyebrow style has changed however our SPMU therapists are able to evaluate your face and recommend the brow shape which will highlight your face rather than follow trends which may not be the best shape for your face. 

The trends in eyebrows has varied hugely. As we touched on above every eyebrow shape is not suitable for everyone. The  perfect shape is dependent on your face shape and the type of eyes you have. The right shape will complement your overall look and will enhance your look. Our experts have been involved in semi-permanent makeup for the last 10 years. Their combined knowledge is huge and therefore you can be sure that they will achieve the best look for you! There are many therapists currently doing various techniques for enhancing the eyebrows however as with any procedure we recommend you research and choose someone who has experience and is knowledgable about what eyebrow shape and style will suit you.

Here are a few eyebrow shapes you may be familiar with: 


Eyebrows through the Ages

From rounded low-arch to straight high-arch, we have piled up the looks on the eyebrows trend from last whole decade.


During the 1920s thin, rounded and defined eyebrows took the lead. The trend was set by top actresses in the industry at that time period such as Clara bow. Don’t they look glamorous?



The trend change quite rapidly and slighter arch with downward curved shapes were in vogue. Greto Garbo was the first to bring in this trend back in fashion. This was the vintage fashion period.



Not an admirer of thin eyebrows? Then you might like the 1940s trend. The 40s was the inception for more softer and natural looking eyebrows. Joan Crawford encouraged women to go for more natural looking eyebrows.



Pointed arch eyebrows were back in trend 50s and the emphasis was on growth, growth and growth of eyebrows. More defined natural eyebrows with subtle pointed arches were preferred choice. Elizabeth Taylor is my inspiration on eyebrows from 50s, who is yours?



Look what is back in fashion, the thin brows. In 60s thin brows made a comeback again with short, neat understated eyebrows taking over the trend. Eyes became the focal point in this era due to introduction of lashes and hence eyebrows were sided. Sophia Lauren set the brows inspiration for women in 60s.



You were expecting thick brows in 70? Sorry to say that situation for brow only got thinner. This was time period of over plucked and curved brows. Look at that soft makeup which completely complements the thin eyebrows in 70s. You can pretty much notice the subtle and elegant look on Danna Summers face.